Nobody wants to get sunburnt. Sometimes, however, you may find there is that spot of skin that you missed when you were applying your sunscreen in a hurry. Sunburn can be painful and uncomfortable – but more importantly, it can be dangerous, increasing your risk of skin cancer. What can you do if you have been burnt?

Introducing AROMABABY’s miracle worker Barrier Balm. This super-luxe, healing product is known as Australia’s original “baby balm”, formulated as the first of its kind  almost two decades ago.

Initially Barrier Balm was developed to help soothe baby skin – everything from nappy rash to dry skin, cradle cap to eczema spots. It was only after several months of being on the market we began to receive letters of thanks, explaining how this product had helped so many other skin conditions, in particular sunburn and eczema.

It seemed our unique, natural combination of premium ingredients offered relief for the entire family, for a wide range of ailments, not the least of which was sunburn. I know this from first hand experience.

I was amazed at the results after having applied Barrier Balm to my own sunburn after a family holiday, where my shoulders did not receive the sunscreen attention they deserved. I used the Barrier Balm hourly for the first 6-8 hours and then smothered my skin several times during the day for the next 2 days, followed with twice daily application thereafter for several days. The results were outstanding and in keeping with the feedback we were receiving from customers who had purchased the Barrier Balm.

Barrier Balm is a must for the first aid kit – the travel size is ideal to keep on hand. Use to calm sunburn, windburn, irritation from insect bites, chafing, heat rash, dribble rash, dry lips, cracked heels, cuticle conditioner, soothe eczema and much more!

Baby Sun Safe Tips

  • Keep babies out of the sun whenever possible
  • Ideally, aim to dress babies in pure, cotton clothing which allows the skin to breathe. Synthetic fibres may increase sweating and therefore, result in heat rash
  • Choose garments that fully cover arms and legs
  • Apply sunscreen suitable for your child’s age, to any exposed areas prior to going outdoors
  • General (adult) sunscreens are not suitable for babies and children as theses may contain higher percentages of active ingredients and preservatives which can lead to irritation in young skin. Be sure to check sunscreen labels for the appropriate sunscreen product to use for your family. For baby/toddler sunscreen products, check the label for the manufacturer’s recommended ‘safe’ age (many products are listed as not to be used on babies under 6 months old, for example)
  • If your child does get some sun exposure, to help minimise the effect of the sunburn, use Aromababy’s organic Aromabath Powder in the bath to help soothe and calm the skin, then apply Barrier Balm as above to help reduce redness or Natural Baby Lotion. Store Barrier Balm and Natural Baby Lotion in the fridge to ensure a cooling effect when applied to hot, sensitive skin