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AROMABABY® around the world….

Hong Kong – South Korea – Malaysia – Singapore – Taiwan –  UAE

Australia’s trusted name in natural skincare range for mother and child since 1994 prides itself on containing a high percentage of ingredients from nature including pure, certified organic active ingredients, essential oils, herbal oils, certified gmo free ingredients and in addition, a choice of unscented product.

Launched more than 25 years ago and sold in leading stores around the world, AROMABABY® offers a specialised brand of natural and organic skincare, beautiful gifts and accessories for mother and child.

Did you know some skincare brands continue to use ingredients commonly linked to skin irritation and potentially eczema including mineral oil and silicone fillers such as dimethicone which can block pores, sulphates which can dry the skin, animal derived ingredients such as lanolin and tallow which over time can cause sensitisation, propylene glycol which can rob the skin of moisture, and the list continues?

Did you know that unless natural oils are cold pressed or certified organic, much of their nutrient value can be lost in processing due to the high temperatures used to extract the oil or worse, the use of solvents?

Did you know that some labels on skincare products may have ingredients listed in the wrong order, in an attempt to disguise the small amount of botanical content actually used in the formulation?

Did you know that the majority of vitamin e comes from either a synthetic source (dl alpha tocopherol), or has been modified (tocopherol acetate) or is derived from a soya bean source – a crop at the forefront of genetically modification?

Have you noticed some brands aim to promote their products by including words such as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ in the branding, perhaps to imply the product is totally natural or organic and possibly mislead the purchaser?

AROMABABY® – providing peace of mind in Australian made natural and organic products.

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What are the experts saying about Aromababy’s growing export success…

AROMABABY’s Catherine Cervasio discusses baby massage with midwives in a Shanghai hospital

baby massage
AROMABABY’s Catherine Cervasio at her Singapore launch event with beautiful baby massage workshop model, Kira.

dubai speech
AROMABABY’s Catherine Cervasio addresses the media, midwives and local well-heeled mums at a press launch in Dubai.

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Copyright © 2023 Aluxe Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.