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The hospital system has been monopolised by petro-chemical based product suppliers for decades. Aromababy aims to offer parents in hospital a choice in the type of skincare they use on their newborn. As such, we have been donating products to a select number of hospitals in Australia and overseas for close to 15 years. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have embraced the concept of petro-chemical free skincare at a hospital level and invite you to view some of the feedback generated since the launch of Aromababy almost a decade ago.

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Sharon Trotter
Midwife, Author and Breastfeeding Consultant (UK)

TIPS Limited – Founded by Sharon Trotter, author of Breastfeeding: the essential guide provides evidence based advice for parents on breastfeeding, baby skincare, cup feeding and lots more. The TIPS Award Scheme is a unique independent testing programme where carefully selected mother & baby products are reviewed by our volunteer parent testers. Join up as a member of our online community and chat on the brand new forum.

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Sharon Trotter©2008

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Are We Harming Our Baby’s Skin?

Bubbling, fragranced and colourful baby toiletries have been enjoyed by staff and parents in the hospital environment for decades. Why then, are a number of select Australian hospitals opting out of petro-chemical based products in favour of more natural offerings which include simple cold pressed vegetable oils for massage and cleansing, and even plain water?

Particularly in special care nurseries, where babies born too early are cared for, the need for skincare product at all remains a topic for discussion amongst some midwives. Prem babies are said to have skin which is only a third the thickness of a full term infants’. But, if left to develop naturally, the skin’s permeability resembles that of a full term infant after a period of only 14 days. In Melbourne’s Mercy Hospital NICU (neonatal intensive care) they have been using bland, unscented offerings periodically over the past number of years from the makers of Aussie brand Aromababy, with great results. Some staff here also choose to buy the product in to on-sell, an unusual practice being adopted by several facilities, in an effort to provide a choice in skincare products and also educate their new Mums about the possible effects of using highly fragranced, synthetic products early on.

According to UK based research, a link does exist between the early introduction of strongly fragranced, chemical-based product and the steady rise in infantile eczema and associated conditions. It is believed that dry, peeling skin of the new baby requires no treatment at all and that water only should be used to clean the newborn’s skin. The skin’s major function is to act as a barrier, against infection, absorption of toxins and to prevent the loss of fluids. The strengthening outer layer of the skin eventually prevents absorption of residues from topically applied substances however if highly chemical based product is used too early on, the risk of a skin reaction does exists according to some studies. As neonatal experts work to provide evidence-based research for health professionals, new brands continue to launch whilst others fail, all vying for their share of an industry estimated at $80m annually in Australia alone.

With the age of the first-time mum now around 30 years plus, most are equipped with information on the vast number of products and services available for themselves and their family. This includes the use of complimentary therapies and natural based product for pregnancy and beyond. Baby Massage, for example, is often taught at ante-natal classes attended by at least first-time parents. Nowadays these classes are more likely to be introducing new parents to the notion of using something from the kitchen cupboard rather than from the supermarket shelf. Natural therapies are fast becoming a way of life as many new parents seek natural alternatives for their own reasons, in search of a cleaner and greener way to live.

As natural therapies have become an ever-increasing market over recent years, skincare manufacturers are working overtime to best utilise catch phrases which pretty much guarantee to sell their products. Labelling and marketing materials often include the clever use of words like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ or the strategic placement of where pure essential oils appear in an ingredient list and so on. With children’s skin problems on the rise, some newcomers to the baby skincare market even use this as a selling tool, making claims relating to eczema without having proper approvals or product listings through TGA (Australia’s governing body for therapeutic goods and their claims). Some manufacturers may exaggerate hospital use and use the hospital system purely as a marketing tool (we’ll provide free product if you include this list of local stockists and suggest new Mums buy our product). Be certain to equip yourselves with information and suitable product for the newborn at a hospital level and be well-armed for the onslaught of baby products sure to hit retail shelves over the coming years. As the shift toward more natural product grows, your facility will then be sought after as a well-informed and ecobaby-friendly destination for the growing family.

© Catherine Cervasio 2003

Aromababy Founder, Catherine Cervasio, visits a hospital in Dubai where her natural baby products are welcomed.


Aromababy recognised in UK Midwifery Journal……

Melbourne-based natural baby brand Aromababy, has been included in the prestigious UK Journal of Midwifery as a reference source this month. In constrast to some of the more ‘gift’ oriented baby ranges which have emerged over recent times, Aromababy was produced to set the benchmark for more ‘serious’ baby skincare, according to Founder Catherine Cervasio… click here for more info!

What health professionals have to say…..

“Thank you for previously supplying brochures and samples of your excellent products for me to distribute in my Preparation for Birth and Parenting Sessions.I always have fantastic feedback from new parents who use the Aromababy products on their little ones and I feel completely confident in endorsing your product in my sessions.”
J Clarke CBE, NSW 2004….more

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