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natural baby lotionOur extensive collection of Australian-made skin care is rich in certified organic, natural oils and gmo free pure vitamin e. To ensure you find something to suit all your pregnancy, labour, postnatal, baby skincare, baby massage and gift giving needs, we are constantly adding to our range. We invite you to join up for our FREE e-newsletter which provides you with great articles and entitles you to special offers and free samples. Cleanse, moisturise, protect and pamper your growing body and your baby’s skin with the most exquisite, natural and organic-rich baby skin care products available.

At AROMABABY® we take our babies very seriously and so, choose to specialise in the wonderful world of baby care and related products. Whilst some manufacturers simply add on a few baby products to an existing range, or include one or two common and often non-therapeutic, standardised essential oils in all their products, at AROMABABY® you can rest assured we formulate using research as our guide.

Created as a world-first, offering only the gentlest of baby skincare including Aroma-Free™ product, all AROMABABY® baby care contains no petro-chemicals, added colour (artificial or otherwise), artificial fragrance, animal ingredients, propylene glycol, parabens, sulphates, alcohol, cocoamphodiacetate (still used in some so-called ‘natural’ baby products), talc, herbal extracts (commonly prepared in a base of either alcohol or propylene glycol), synthetic vitamin e, silicones (dimethicone and others) and so much more. Also left out in the cold are natural vegetable oils which have been solvent extracted or those which are linked to skin irritation, for example, peanut oil.

In place of potential irritants that we’ve rejected from our formulations, you will find certified organic and/or pesticide free and gmo free pure rosehip oil, natural vitamin e, avocado oil, jojoba, calendula, therapeutic-grade essential oils and more. In place of talc you will find soothing, certified organic oat and soy powders, edible-grade cornstarch and pure essential oils. Together these hand-picked ingredients have been combined to produce this ultra pure and gentle babycare range which has proven beneficial for soothing and protecting even the most sensitive skin.*

As responsible manufacturers, at AROMABABY® we respect research and have identified the need to offer both our customers and those health professionals using AROMABABY® products, a choice in baby care.

Stretched to the limitIn addition to our therapeutic-grade aromatic product, we therefore uniquely also provide simple, aroma-free product, essential for Baby’s first few weeks of life where studies have shown bland, unscented product or simply water may be best. It is only in select AROMABABY® product, therefore, that pure essential oils have been specifically chosen and blended synergistically not only for their therapeutic properties, but also to delight the senses and soothe the soul.

A leader in her field, AROMABABY® founder, Catherine Cervasio, has not had to rely on the input of external parties, rather, she has personally handpicked pure ingredients for their therapeutic properties and efficacy, further enhancing the range of benefits of these unique products. Born of a desire to provide natural baby skin care and environmentally-aware baby clothing and accessories for her own child almost a decade ago, Catherine developed the ‘baby WORKSHOP®’ concept which would set the standard for many baby goods world-wide, including natural baby skin care. She holds a diploma in Aromatherapy and massage, has trained as an Infant Massage Instructor and has been working in the area of product development of skin care products for more than a dozen years now. Despite the arrival of countless copy-cat type brands worldwide, AROMABABY® remains in a class all its own.

The philosophy behind the creation of AROMABABY® is one that demonstrates an on-going commitment to research and subsequent development of innovative, high quality personal care products specifically for mother and child. At AROMABABY® we aware of the need to minimise the world’s waste and we therefore aim to avoid the use of senseless packaging. We use recyclable and/or recycled materials wherever possible and encourage our customers to do the same. The end result is a range of pure products that are kind to the skin as well as to our environment.

AROMABABY® products have been used with success in a number of select hospitals and/or mother and baby facilities in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong and Korea.

Join us in our journey of love, care and respect for babies everywhere….

*Based on consumer and health professional feedback received by the producers of AROMABABY® over the past fifteen years.

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