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Melbourne-based natural baby brand Aromababy, has been included in the prestigious UK Journal of Midwifery as a reference source this month. In contrast to some of the more ‘gift’ oriented baby ranges which have emerged over recent times, Aromababy was produced to set the benchmark for more ‘serious’ baby skincare, according to Founder Catherine Arfi.

Whilst ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ have become recent buzz words, Ms Arfi says Aromababy has always included organic and gmo free ingredients from the onset. “As farmers cater to a growing demand for organic produce, many are opting to certify their crops, ensuring certified organic oils are more readily available these days than 10 years ago”, she explains. “Where possible, we’ve switched from organic status to certified organic. Whilst many manufacturers are price-driven, or leave the formulating to the cosmetic chemists – Aromababy is different. We are very involved with the sourcing of raw materials including organics, and subsequent sighting of relevant documentation. Our business has been run on low overheads to ensure a premium product at an affordable price. No fancy press functions and the like here. If our product did not deliver value for money and efficacy with problem skin, we simply would not be in business after all this time” says Ms Arfi.

Ms Arfi has been working with researchers since the inception of her brand as the first of its kind, almost a decade ago and was approached last year to supply products to support a QLD-based research project involving 4 hospitals. “To have product requested is one thing” says Ms Arfi, “to get through all the red tape and ethics questions is quite another. It’s wonderful to be recognised as a specialist in this area and to have products accepted by various hospital committees” she says.

Ms Arfi’s commitment to the promotion of petro-chemical free babycare, particularly in hospitals and through the professional health arena, is well known with her company regularly called upon to donate product to a countless number of facilities in several countries ranging from upscale private hospitals to orphanages in Thailand which care for AIDS infected babies.

“Ten years ago we were told our products were too ‘beautiful’ to be taken seriously by health professionals. After a decade of education and proven history of safe and effective use, we’ve proven the skeptics wrong” she adds.

Ms Arfi states her ‘love of babies’ “makes working in the industry very rewarding”. “As a mum myself, being able to make a difference is unbelievable. To then be in a position to work and travel with my own children is a bonus that makes it all worthwhile” She says.



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